The foundation of all dance styles, ballet technique includes exercises done at the barre and center floor.  Jumps, leaps, fast footwork and exercises to improve strength, body lines, turn-out, flexibility and musicality.


Barre Fitness Workout

This ballet-based workout class will sculpt your whole body! Class includes use of the ballet barre and strength training to work your abs, legs, arms and everything else! All fitness levels welcome!

Creative Movement
The first dance class for many, this is a 45 minute class for 3 & 4 year old dancers. Students wear ballet shoes and are taught ballet and jazz skills in a fun and age-appropriate format. Focus is on establishing the love of dance while working on gross motor skills and learning dance terminology.
Dance Combination

This class combines ballet, tap & jazz into one hour-long class for our 5 year old dancers. Class offers an introduction to each genre with fun and age-appropriate music and skills.

Hip Hop
Choreographed to hip hop music; includes popping, locking, breaking freestyle and other contemporary styles and steps.
Faster and sharper style of dance done to up-tempo music.  Includes kicks, leaps, turns and dance step combinations. Various styles are taught during classes.
Combines elements of ballet, modern and jazz.  Set to popular music with vocals/expressive lyrics.  Dancers must have two years of ballet experience and currently be taking a ballet class to enroll.
A ballet class for dancers ages 12 and up, using special blocked pointe shoes that allow the dancer to dance on the tip of the toes. Instructor approval is required to take pointe class, and a dancer must also be taking a flat ballet class in concurrence with this class.

Practiced while wearing tap shoes, this dance style emphasizes rhythm and syncopation while promoting musicality, strength and endurance.

Teen Classes

Ballet, jazz, tap, or hip hop classes offered for dancers ages 12 and up. These classes are geared toward those who have a renewed interest in dance at an older age and would like a beginning/intermediate level with their peers.


Tot Tumble

Children will learn basic tumbling skills while having fun! Class will work on building flexibility and increasing gross motor skills while using creative tools to establish the love of gymnastics and dance.


A combination of exercises and postures that help refine focus, strength, balance, breathing, flexibility and a sense of well-being.  Students are urged to work at their own pace during their yoga practice for the most benefit.




Looking to improve your turns, leaps, dance skills, tricks and technique?  This class is designed to help strengthen skills needed for cheerleading and dance team, and is taught by current and former competitive and/or professional cheerleaders/dance team instructors. Come join in the fun while improving your skills.



Fun and entertaining combinations set to popular songs from Broadway and movie musicals like Hairspray, Wicked, Chicago and more.  Upbeat and fun for all.



This class focuses on the dynamic elements of jumps, leaps and turns.  Includes exercises to improve strength and balance in order to execute better turns and leaps.



Strong and flexible dancers are better dancers.  Exercises designed to improve flexibility as well as strength of dancers’ core muscles, arms, feet and legs.  Use of dynabands, floorwork, partnerwork included along with other movement/exercises.



Improve focus, strength, balance, body awareness and flexibility.  Mixed-level classes designed to encourage participants to work at their own pace, finding a place of balance between effort and ease.



Tumbling classes with an experienced tumbling instructor for ages 6 & up, with beginning to advanced skill levels.